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2020 Summit

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unfortunately postponing VISIS 2020. Stay tuned for news regarding the rescheduled date in 2021. In the meantime, we will be announcing a series of virtual regional user group events (RUGs) soon! More details will be forthcoming soon.

Disruption, Innovation, and Transformation.

How cost containment is part of the transformation of healthcare. 

Visis, from the Latin “to see further.”

The Visis: 2020 EPSi Summit is designed for healthcare finance executives and professionals who want to not only keep up with disruption, innovation, and transformation, but be part of making it happen.

Visis is exclusively for EPSi clients. Whether you are still in your implementation phase or are our most experienced and sophisticated client, you’ll come away with insights and knowledge you can put to use immediately and in the long term.

This one-day immersive virtual experience gives you the opportunity to learn from industry experts and technology visionaries, all while networking with your peers from around the country.  To top it off, you’ll be able to receive deep dive guidance on how to get the most out of your EPSi investment from our most experienced experts.

"I'm here to learn about the direction that they're taking the software because I know that they're building it on the new platform. They're building it with analytics that we're anxious to use."

Mary Kit – UC Davis

"I started working with EPSI three years ago and it's just a great learning experience. It's awesome being able to network with other people. And it's a really good time."

Lori Thears – Penn Highlands

"At Visis, I feel the strength of it is in sharing ideas, but also networking. It may not be always how we use the software, but how other health systems are operating, how they're doing analysis. We can take tips back home, but we can also share knowledge with each other as well. I'm here because I want to know or learn what the other people is doing, who is using the EPSi too, and also at the same time learning about what EPSi has to offer with the latest technology."

Katie Diller – Executive Director, Finance Commercialization, Mercy

"I came to Visis last year for the first time and I've come back this year because of the client presentations and hearing what others are doing with EPSI. With the product as well as the other vendor partnerships that have been created, learning and wanting to stay on the edge of what's happening at EPSI and what people are doing with it. To me that's the most important part. What are people practically doing to change organizations to the betterment of their communities?"

Jon Vitiello, Senior Vice President of Financial Operations and Analytics – Mercy